Death Hill

While we lived out on our land, we had lots of visitors—from Seattle, Wisconsin, Texas, Minnesota, and even Germany! And, of course, dozens from Portland. Some came to help us with farm projects and some came just to play. One of our most frequent visitors was our friend, Laura Ross.

Laura would drive out to visit in her decrepit Volvo station wagon with a grocery bag full of steaks and whiskey. In 2004 spent New Year’s Eve with us. Little did we know she would stay a few extra days! The Gorge was hit with a huge snowstorm that weekend, and the road back to Portland was closed. But, as I mentioned in my recent post on Tattered Cover Books’ blog: when it snows lemons, you make frozen lemonade!

Tuesday is Laura’s birthday, so Mike and I (mostly Mike) whipped up a little video from that weekend. Laura makes her very first snow angel!

Happy Birthday, Laura Ross!

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4 thoughts on “Death Hill

  1. Rebecca says:

    I love that video! Nicely executed, Laura Ross. My favorite part of making a snow angel is falling back into fresh snow.

  2. Laura says:

    My old Volvo was about as decrepit as this hill was deadly. Thanks for this, M & K, great memories and a great birthday present. xo

  3. Lewi Longmire says:

    Nice! I love the “Death Hill theme” background music!

  4. We cut out the part where Phynn ran over to the snow angel as soon as Laura got up, and destroyed it! Phynn.

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