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Springtime Strawberry Pot

I finished my finals for winter term! To treat myself for this incredible feat, I went to the local plant nursery. I know it’s too early to think about planting anything, plus we don’t have garden beds, and building some would be a huge job, as we’d have to put in 8-foot fence to keep the deer out of it. I just went there to walk amongst plants and smell the foliage and dirt.

But something was waiting for me! A bright blue strawberry pot. When I was a kid, I used to hang out with adults all the time (they were much more interesting than children and they didn’t make fun of my glasses, hair or anything else). One of my neighbors in Springfield, Illinois, where I lived in kindergarten, had a strawberry pot. I was fascinated by it–all the little nooks for the daughter plants, and strawberries themselves, growing on a plant! I’ve always wanted one.

This nursery is just getting started for spring, so there’s not a lot there yet. But there were little strawberry starts! My winter-term treat materialized.


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