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Bacon and Whiskey

In 2008, a short essay I’d written was accepted by a progressive literary journal—one that published its pieces exclusively on YouTube. Shape of a Box, run by Jessie Carty in Charlotte, North Carolina (and now called Referential Magazine), encouraged me to submit a video that included me reading the piece and whatever artwork I wanted to accompany it.

Little did she know, there was a television producer in the house. Mike and I shot “Bacon and Whiskey,” still one of Shape of a Box’s most popular pieces, on our farm. As I mention on my website, I didn’t intend it as a commercial for any particular brand of bourbon. It’s not even my favorite bourbon anymore (though still a household staple).

So grab some bacon, sip some whiskey, and enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qa1r010vtw0

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