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Get Your Country On!: The Official Workshop

Bring me to your leader!

I have something new to share: a companion workshop to Get Your Pitchfork On! As I mentioned in a recent post, I had a fun first year presenting Get Your Pitchfork On! to bookstore audiences across the country. Now, I’ve created a workshop for both large and small groups.

Last weekend, a dozen generous souls suspended their Memorial Day weekend plans to join me for beer and chili, and a practice run of “Get Your Country On!”


Thanks Joe, Shari, Leah, Rebecca, Bill, Evan, Judith, Karla (pictured) and Suzy, Ryan, Mike, Laura

This presentation is interactive; participants break into small groups to discuss their own ideas of what a perfect rural life would entail. People who are contemplating a move to the country have already thought of a few contingencies. “Get Your Country On!” brings up things they probably haven’t.

For example:

• Gardening zones and other landscape issues

• Environmental hazards like road spray and orchard smog

• Cell phone coverage

• Culture shock

• Pervasiveness of death (not yours! of plants, insects and animals)

Feedback from this practice run was great; I have incorporated it and am ready for my first prime-time showing—today at the Mother Earth News Fair in Puyallup, Washington!


I would love to discuss the joys and pitfalls of country living with you!

Later in June, I’ll present “Get Your Country On!” at Regards to Rural, in Corvallis.

A reader recently said of the book: “You’re doing a great service to people. If I were considering a move to the country, your book would save me a ton of time and money. For those on the fence, it would certainly help answer the question of whether it’s the right move or not.”

Do you have a gardening group, CSA, book group, farm-to-table event, community education class or other opportunity for “Get Your Country On!”? Please check out my website or contact me at kristy @ kristyathens.com.

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