A year ago, we took home two fat, friendly, spotted puppies. Best idea we had all year, besides moving to Wallowa County. They’re coming right along. Here are some photos.

We picked them out at four weeks

Though they show promise here, these dogs really don’t care about balls

They used to both fit on one pillow!

If balls had eyeballs and hard noses, the dogs might be more interested

They would much rather run through the field than have leash training

On Wallowa County’s East Moraine, above Wallowa Lake

First trip to the coast. Happy birthday, pups!

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3 thoughts on “Pupversary

  1. penelopeschott says:

    Did they love, love, love running on the beach? Our dog chased foam and barked at it as if it were alive. (I never said she was a genius.) p.

  2. Rebecca (Seattle) says:

    Love those pups! They hit the jackpot.

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