Cap’n and Pendleton just passed the four-month mark, so I thought it might be time for an update. They are coming along! Pretty good with vocal commands, though they do take off at least once a day during our walks in the field, and lose their ability to hear human voices. In related news, they are also learning to walk on leash. Mike just taught them to catch a treat in the air. I am working on having one do one thing (stay) while the other does another (come), so they listen for their name and not just the command.

Pendleton has overtaken Cap’n in size—at the last veterinary visit he weighed 33 pounds to Cap’n’s 29.8. This makes sense, as 1) He is male and 2) He is taking after his golden retriever mother, while Cap’n is taking after her border collie father. Pendleton is stronger but Cap’n is faster and more coordinated.

One last hurdle to overcome, so we can socialize them, is for Cap’n to stop throwing up in the car! This makes it difficult to take them anywhere. She is definitely a lady, with a delicate constitution, easily hurt feelings, and Disney-grade eyelashes. That said, she is a lady dog, so loves digging up mouse nests and finding coyote-abandoned deer forelegs as much as her brother.

But enough description—what you really want are photos!

They are hard to photograph--it's rare they are both holding still

They are hard to photograph–it’s rare they are both holding still

Digging up a mouse nest


Pendleton, Cap'n, and a little friend
Pendleton, Cap’n, and a little friend
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4 thoughts on “Pupdate

  1. penelopeschott says:

    I think dogs eventually outgrow throwing up in cars. I hope. It sounds like you’re all having fun together. Love, Penelope

  2. Gina says:

    They are so sweet! It makes me so happy that you got two. Looking at these photos makes me feel like never getting another dog unless they have room to roam and do fun dog things with another dog.

  3. alicia says:

    PUPPIES!!! one must screech and yell when one says it. They still qualify. And those soulful eyes- oh, my.

  4. Rebecca (Seattle) says:

    Their cute factor is absolutely insane…and I’m a CAT person.

    My friend Wendy taught her dogs a trick where one puts its front paws on the back of the other, perpendicularly. She posted a poll to determine what the trick should be called. I don’t remember what option won, but I cast my vote for The Bartender.

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