First Snow

Seldom do things work this neatly: Mike mowed on Sunday, and we woke Monday morning to snow flurries!

I find few things as cozy as sitting in a warm house and watching snow fall. The idea of snow in October might fill some of your hearts with dread. But, this year at least, I am totally ready for it. We had a beautiful spring and possibly a record-breaking summer in Portland (No rain in May? No rain in June??). I have been so crazy-busy for the last year (or two years … or five years … I’ve lost count) that I am looking forward to getting snowed in this winter and staying put for a few months.

This Monday-morning squall dropped snow for about an hour, after which it immediately started to melt. It was gone by the afternoon. But I ran out and took some photos once the skies cleared.

Snowy wheat

Snowy wheat

Snowy new snow boot

Snowy new snow boot

I love the feeling of coming inside from playing in the snow, when your cheeks are cold but your body glows from the exercise.

I don’t know if it was this storm in particular, or if we’re in a snow belt. After the storm, there was no snow in the trees on the slope above us, nor below us in the valley. This was the opposite of the cold, dry days we’ve been having, when the frost settles in the valley but is already burned off at our house. It’s an interesting mix of physics—cold settles, but we are higher in elevation, facing east.

I predict we will have ample chance to continue this study!

More where this came from ...

More where this came from …

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