“Bones” Video

As some of you know, my husband Mike Midlo is a storyteller disguised as a musician. His latest project, MidLo, received a grant from Portland’s Regional Arts & Culture Council and was released on March 5. As he did with his previous recording, Pancake Breakfast, Mike asked me to make a video for one of the songs. I made a stop-motion animation short for PB’s “Powerhouse Road” and assumed I would do the same for this video.

But, one afternoon in late September last year, he and I were driving home from a reading I did in Ashland, Oregon. Cruising up I-5, I gazed out the passenger window, enjoying how our shadow bounced along the side of the road. Suddenly, I realized I was watching a short film. The only camera I had was in my phone, so I decided to go for it.

The video is unadulterated—it runs straight through. The timing is uncanny in places. Enjoy my small contribution to Mike’s beautiful lament of our move away from the country, “Bones.”

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4 thoughts on ““Bones” Video

  1. Rich Wandschneider says:

    love it! congrats to both of you on a fine serendipitous production. rich

  2. Nancy Fine says:

    Two artists + one video = story well told. Your shadow video illustrates the difficult move with an irresistible, magnetic pull. Capturing the big rigs as they issued silent exclamation points for Mike’s ballad was inspired. Gulp.

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