Tutu Therapy

In 2008, Mike and I were struggling financially. You probably were, too: there was a recession going on. I was getting for-real depressed.

That July, Mike had a freelance video production gig (thank goodness!) that required travel. While he was out of town, I drove to the Wallowa Mountains with my friend Laura to visit my other friend, Jon. We had a great time—just what I needed—and I dreaded returning to reality. On our way out of town, Laura and I stumbled upon a big rummage sale being held in a parking lot. I found a child’s pink tulle tutu for 25 cents.

For some reason, I bought it. I have never owned a tutu. I never took ballet lessons. Laura looked at me like I had finally cracked.

I’m a petite gal, so it fit just fine. I made a tentative leap in the air, imagining myself graceful. I found that when I put the tutu on, my worries disappeared! The silliness of a grown woman who is not a ballerina wearing a tutu overcame my concerns about the things on the house that needed fixing and my fears about the future. I was wearing a tutu! Leap! Leap! Twirl!

Inspired, I created a photo essay that I posted on my Facebook page. Today, a friend turned my attention to a man who is posting photos of himself in a tutu to raise breast cancer awareness. I felt a bond with this man right away. I highly recommend tutu therapy!

Here is my photo essay, entitled “Tutu.”

Life is hard. Wearing a tutu makes things more fun!

Chopping wood is more fun!

Gardening is more fun!

Mowing is more fun!

Now I just need to wear my tutu during business meetings, balancing the checkbook and washing the dishes!

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